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Ken Payne

Ken Payne

“Born into the ranching heritage of the Southwest, Ken Payne began his artistic career as a painter, focusing on the landscapes, cowboys, and native peoples of the Southwest. While always pursuing his passion for art, Ken became an accomplished pilot, going from crop-dusting, to instructing, to flying smokejumpers, and then flying for a commercial airline.” 

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Ken Payne (1938-2012), was born to the ranching heritage of the Southwest, and his work brings the exciting memories of the Old West to life in his heroic bronze sculpture depicting the action, the danger, even the humor of many a frontier situation. Ken was a fan of the great sculptors of the past, especially the Greek and Roman masters, and strived for the same design qualities in his western themes.

The bronze sculpture of Ken Payne is shown and collected internationally, and is prized by noted art connoisseurs as well as first-time collectors. His work became known by thousands through the nationally televised program, “Sculpting with Ken Payne”.

People came from all over the country and the world to hear Ken Payne tell his stories as he sculpted into bronze the history of the disappearing American west. He strove to portray with accuracy the fading ways of the cowboys, mountain men, pioneers, and the Native American, a dynamic era we can hold in our hands — and our hearts. His stories have been included with each bronze and help bring “The Old West” to life.

In part because of his sculpting abilities, but also because of the many young sculptors that he mentored and taught, Ken will be remembered as one of the most influential sculptors of the last 50 years.

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