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Our Artists

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The Artists of Anticus  

Our artists are chosen for their mastery and passion. From world-renowned sculptors and painters, to young artists exploring cutting-edge techniques and designs, the variety of artwork at Anticus makes it an amazing place to explore.

New Art in the Gallery

Clint Eastwood
Seth Gordon
Vladimir Kush
Chuck Jones

All Artists

Lorna Zerba

Oil Painter

View Lorna's Work

Gregg Albracht

Mary Wood

Oil Painter

View Mary's Work

Lucie Marlow

Acrylic Painter

View Lucie's Work

Troy Collins

Oil Painter

View Troy's Work

John Glass

Glass Artist

Los Angelos
View John's Work

Dix Baines

Oil Painter

Santa Fe
View Dix's Work

Denise Imke

Oil Painter

New Mexico
View Denise's Work

Logan Peterson

Metal Sculptor

View Logan's Work

Andrea Mosley


Oil Painter

View Andrea's Work

Jerry Locati

Graphite Artist

View Jerry's Work

Neil Boyle

Oil Painter

Canada / California
View Neil's Work

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