At Anticus, we believe that the most important function of a home is to create a unique and intentional sanctuary - one that calls to you when you're away and welcomes you when you return. A culture filled with art and books.

A home designed with your lifestyle in mind.

Our goal is to help you add something special to your life. There is no one in the world exactly like you, with your own experiences, tastes, and opinions provide their greatest joy when you can share the in a welcoming environment.

Whether you are at Anticus or at home, we want you to always feel inspired to discover new things; be it a new book to read, a historical piece of art, or a classic piece of jewelry.

Our History

How our vision came to evolve is a story decades in the making. Phillip Payne came from a family of artists. His father was a true pioneer in the art world, opening the first studio gallery in Arizona and sculpting for the public throughout Phillip's life. Growing up in a world of art, Phillip created his first fine art piece at the age of 15. This exposed him to the joys of sharing stories through his art, and the amazing sense of connection that comes from that intersection.



One thing many of our friends and collectors have asked is why we chose Anticus as our name, and what it means. Phillip found this word while doing research into an idea he had for one of his sculptures. While reading through Latin phrases, he discovered one used by soldiers who always held the front line in battle. "Semper Anticus," meaning always forward or always in front, was their motto. We feel that this truly resonates with what we are trying to do for our community.

Our Team

Phillip Payne 



Growing up in a world of art, Phillip created his first fine art piece at the age of 15. Phillip is the visionary behind Anticus with the original concept of using art, books, and all of our shared passions to create a community.


“One of my favorite things is helping people collect their first piece whether it’s through our layaway program or a custom plan.”


KT Tierney  

Book Curator 


KT hand picks each title to curate an extensive selection of books in over 24 categories. No matter what your interests are, KT has you covered. Book clubs, book signings, and special orders are just some of what she oversees.

“One of the things I love about Anticus is the community we have created with our bookclubs.”








Donna Fuqua 



Hailing from the east coast, Donna inevitably moved to Arizona after falling in love with it on a family road trip. She has been in accounting for her entire life and believes in the healing power of laughter which embraces the Anticus way.





Rose Bowne

Art Consultant


Rose was born and raised right here in Arizona. She is a key member of our art consulting team and the face behind our social media. She is a lover of art and literature and is happy to share more knowledge to all! 


“Anticus has allowed me to experience art and literature in such a personal way, and I always feel I can find what speaks to me!”



Anna Stearns

Event Coordinator/

Gallery Assistant


From a small island near Seattle to the Anticus team here in Scottsdale, Anna works behind the scenes with our jewelry artists, plans events and much more to create a special experience for everyone who comes through our door.

“I love the variety of jewelry artists that we represent. From one of a kind pieces by local artists to beautiful styles by international designers, each has their unique voice and style.”




Kathy Winegarner

Art Consultant


Originally a beloved member of the Anticus community and bookclubs, Kathy joined the Anticus team and welcomes everyone into her home away from home. You can find her keeping books and jewelry in order or sharing about our artists.

“I love that Anticus exposes you to new styles of art that you might not have been be drawn to before.”




Mark Bork

Art Consultant/Marketing Director


After a remarkable career as a film and video producer, Mark fell in love with the atmosphere at Anticus and now passionately shares stories behind the artwork in the gallery. He also uses his experience in marketing to continue growing the Anticus community.

“What brought me here was the vibe that Phillip has created in this beautiful gallery.”




Jeff Bowman

Art Consultant


With a successful career in finance, Jeff loves that Anticus feeds his need for art. He enjoys understanding what makes works collectible and reliable investments.


”I like the fact that Anticus appeals to a broad range of artistic styles.”

Abigail Daniels

Art Consultant


Moving from Chicago to Scottsdale, Abby was excited to find Anticus, an eclectic place filled with all of her favorite things, books, art and jewelry.

“Getting to meet the artists and hear about their process is such a fun part of Anticus. Artwalks and featured events with our artists make the Anticus experience that much more special.”






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